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M.C. Behm

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Some secrets should stay that way


Vertical murder - book 1

the elixir of yosemite


Woody Jackson wants to scream, “I saw you. You pushed Aiden off.” But with his fellow free-soloists and would-be-girlfriend clinging to the tabletop apex of Cathedral Peak, he buries the impulse alongside so many other second-guesses. What was it that Stuart had said before shoving the most famous rock climber on the planet to his death? It was some wild rambling about Yosemite and a long sought after achievement. How had he been able to stay hidden? It must have been the cavernous shadows thrown by the full moon against the cliff. Where would it be safe to tell the other climbers that their friend was not just some dirt bag stone-master, but a mercenary? Answering these questions leads Woody and a misfit Park Ranger on a 24-hour race up and down the granite walls and deep into the backcountry of America’s first protected land.



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